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When Nobody (and Everybody) is the Boss

By Polly LaBarre As a reverse fairy tale for the CEO set, the reality television program Undercover Boss is fascinating, not so much in the witness-to-a-train- wreck mode of the rest of the genre, but because it is so revealing of our conflicted relationship with “the boss.” The premise of the show–that the only way […]

Without a Job, WHO AM I?’

Précis of Abraham J Twerski Rebuilding your self, when you’ve lost your job, home or life savings ISBN 978-1-59285-832-3  / Getting your identity from your job When we meet a new person, we are most likely to introduce ourselves in terms of what we do for a living. Usually, we assign a certain level of status and […]

Mad About Leadership

By James O’Toole  James O’Toole, author of more than a dozen leadership and management books, and coeditor of Good Business: Exercising Effective and Ethical Leadership, introduces an excerpt from The End of Leadership, by Barbara Kellerman, that takes the leadership industry to task. Barbara Kellerman has every right to be mad as hell. Indeed, as […]

The End of Leadership

A précis by Pete Laburn I recently read an outstanding book on the ‘state of leadership’ and the ‘leadership industry’ written by Barbara Kellerman of Harvards’ Kennedy School of Government entitled “The End of Leadership”. Kellerman pulls no punches in her critique of both what is being cited as leadership and what is being taught […]

Hard Work vs Long Work

An insightful article by Seth Godin on the difference between Hard Work and Long Work  Long work is what the lawyer who bills 14 hours a day filling in forms does. Hard work is what the insightful litigator does when she synthesizes four disparate ideas and comes up with an argument that wins the case–in […]