Pilgrims Gold

A powerful experiential learning tool for developing
individual and team effectiveness.  
It is a high energy, highly interactive group learning experience which can be run for almost any size group in 3 - 4 hours.
In Pilgrims Gold, teams race each other across the bush battling with the elements in their attempt to reach the mountains and mine for gold. Equipped with a fixed budget and limited resources, each team must balance the challenges of the bush with the mission to return and cash in their gold. 
The power of Pilgrims Gold emerges in the debrief where participants review their performance and obvious parallels in the real world.  They see that when faced with an uncertain, constantly changing environment and the pressure of competition and limited time, many teams make hasty decisions they later regret.  The most effective teams plan together, set goals, delegate authority to individuals, and keep the lines of communication open.

Why the Program is so Effective

Pilgrims Gold places great emphasis on the challenges facing Leadership today.  It highlights the uncertainties the world we face and how we might work with them.
The choices and risks inherent to Leadership are starkly portrayed, and it becomes apparent that Leadership may assume many different shapes and forms.
On a personal level, Leaders are able to examine their own styles and think through their own Leadership journeys.


Create a vision for Leadership effectiveness and teamwork
High impact experiential learning in a short period of time
Enhance your company conference with fun, energy and collaboration
Provide your organisation with a shared experience

Program details


R45 000 excl. VAT
  • Rate includes a 4 hour session for up to 40 delegates.
  • Lead With Humanity is a Level 4 BEE Supplier.

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