Do you know what to do when you don't know what to do?

Exploring Leadership is a journey of discovery into the challenges of leading in a VUCA world. Delegates are invited to think hard about themselves, their organisation and, especially, about leadership.

Over a well-planned and carefully facilitated couple of days each will experience and explore universally recognised qualities that are proven over the ages as well as some of the latest thinking on personal and leadership development in our VUCA world.

Why This Program?

Exploring Leadership is one of the family of programmes offered by Lead with Humanity (LWH). LWH was created some 20 years ago to help South African business to build true leaders. Since then many thousands of delegates locally and internationally have grown as individuals after attending one or more LWH programmes. LWH is today accredited by International Business Schools and delivers experiential learning opportunities that are integral to MBA programmes.
Our experience shows that the dynamic nature of our subject matter and the diversity of each group makes every programme, and each individual’s experience in it, unique. The result is almost always a powerful and valuable personal development experience that assists in building quality people and better leaders.

Programme Content Menu*

The VUCA world. It’s always been VUCA but now it’s our time.
Leadership can’t be avoided - it is a conscious choice that must be made.
Rethinking leadership. What works and what doesn't.
The brain, the body and leadership - consequences of fear, flight, stress, uncertainty.
Disconnect to connect and reconnect – Relationships, empathy and team dynamics.
Time to think - building the inner courage to be vulnerable.
Its personal - Taking it further.
* This is a broad outline of the programme content menu.
Actual programmes will be selected for each group based on their unique requirements.

Program details


The programme is held in a setting that is chosen to encourage deep thought and appropriate introspection away from the hustle of daily operations, social media and the telephone. 

We use innovative material, experienced facilitators, human interaction and challenging experiences to create a profound, often life-changing, personal development experience that is always remembered.

*The programme is very definitely not available online.


The programme commences at 5pm on Day 1 and concludes almost 48 hours later in time for delegates to return home that evening. 

Clothing should be season-appropriate, casual and comfortable for an outdoor excursion, with good footwear and a hat. 

2018 Rates

Price on Request
  • Rate includes 1-nights accommodation, all meals and drinks, course materials, facilitation and one-on-one professional coaching.
  • Delegates are responsible for getting themselves to the central meeting point.
  • 50% Cancellation Fee within 30 Days of program. 100% Cancellation Fee within 7 Days of program.

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