Leading With Humanity

Over 7 days, set in real time, delegates work across diverse social systems and environments to develop contextual & self understanding.

Living and working out of their ‘comfort zones’, delegates experience first hand the complexities of both the changing world and the complex systems at play, and assess their thinking, behaviour
and responses through a new set of eyes.

Our Approach

We believe that it is extremely difficult to teach ‘leadership’ – but we all can and do learn to lead, through real life experiences and authentic immersions. We invite our delegates to explore a different world, move out of their comfort zones and to immerse themselves in another ‘real world’, one very different to their own.
We encourage our delegates to learn through observation, interaction, reflection together with ongoing debate and feedback – our CARE approach – connect, awareness, reflect, explore.
Delegates discover their own leadership lessons, ones that resonate with who they are as individuals and often influenced by strong emotions that are evoked during the week. At all times delegates are encouraged to be themselves – understand who they really are. By building on this heightened awareness they are encouraged to ‘live in a state of being an authentic leader’ rather than just trying to do ‘leadership things’.

‘Finding your authentic self is critical to personal growth and fulfilment, plus being the foundation to effective leadership.’

Program details

Day 1 - 3: Durban, South Africa

For the first half of the program, delegates will engage with urban and peri-urban settlements and homes, gaining new insights into cultural diversity through experiencing vastly contrasting situations.

By being thrust into the cauldron of society in transition they will also witness the ravages of society without leadership versus the dynamic potential of those with effective leadership.

Day 4 - 7: Phinda Resource Reserve

The second half of the program takes place at  Phinda Resource Reserve.  Phinda – Zulu for ‘the return’ - is a unique example of the delicate balance between the environment, society in transition and commercial imperatives.

An ideal environment for delegates to reflect on their own personal leadership journey whilst debating macro leadership challenges and exploring the many micro leadership lessons the African bush affords.


Delegates largely spend the week’s journey in unusual or foreign situations / circumstances. For many this may appear unsafe. Every precaution is taken to ensure delegates’ safety (although much of the backup is unseen).

Before each activity, delegates are fully briefed on what to do. In the urban and rural environments, trusted local guides and routes are used. When walking in the bush, fully trained game rangers accompany delegates.

2020 Rates

R66 000 excl. 15% VAT per delegate
  • Rate includes 7-nights accommodation, all meals and drinks, transport whilst on the program, ‘working capital’ for assignments, course materials, facilitation and 10 hours of one-on-one professional coaching.
  • Delegates are responsible for getting themselves to the central meeting point in Durban.
  • 50% Cancellation Fee within 30 Days of program. 100% Cancellation Fee within 14 Days of program.

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