What's our Why?

Lead With Humanity exists to enable organisations, teams and individuals to see, understand and respond to the rapidly changing world, through experiencing it, immersing themselves into it, and self reflecting on how to influence it.
We do this through experiential leadership development immersions, either Lead With Humanity’s flagship experience or through bespoke in-house programs.
Living authentically is critical to personal growth and fulfilment.
It is the foundation of effective leadership.

Our Approach

Leadership is like swimming, it cannot be learnt by reading about it."
- Henry Mintzberg
We offer real life immersive experiences, inviting our delegates to  explore different worlds, to move out of their comfort zones and to immerse themselves in other ‘real worlds’, worlds very different to their own.

We encourage learning through observation, interaction, reflection together with ongoing debate and feedback – our CARE approach: Connect, Awareness, Reflect, Explore.

Our immersions evoke emotion. They might be uncomfortable.  But they lead to great personal discoveries and, in turn, invaluable and unmatched leadership lessons.

At all times delegates are encouraged to be themselves and build on their authentic identity. They learn to ‘live in a state of being an authentic leader’ rather than just trying to do ‘leadership things’.

Experiential Leadership Development

We offer experiential leadership development programs and uniquely curated immersions for organisations, teams and individuals.

These programs teach first hand lessons about societies in transition, social and environmental systems thriving in turbulent times, the challenge of risk and uncertainty, all underpinned by contemporary leadership thinking and neuroscience.


Leading With Humanity

Over 7 days, delegates work across diverse social systems and environments to develop contextual and self-understanding.

Living and working out of their ‘comfort zones’, delegates experience first hand the complexities of both the changing world and the complex systems at play, and assess their thinking behaviour and responses through a new set of eyes.

Location: Greater Ethekweni, Phinda Resource Reserve

Leading with Humanity Virtual Refresher

This experience is the perfect refresher programme for all past delegates of Leading with Humanity, and individuals looking to rediscover purpose and meaning in their life, enabling them to lead with conviction and authenticity. 

Delegates are taken on a journey of self-discovery.  Working to revitalise and realign your personal purpose, you will build the tools to courageously lead in this new world.

Location: Online

Being a Leader:  Individual Leadership Development and Team Coaching

This virtual experience is perfect for teams or networks looking to both develop their individual leadership potential and grow as a team.

This virtual summit makes use of intensely facilitated online modules, offline personal exercises, breakout team sessions and a diverse selection of thought-provoking engagements.

Location: Online

Virtual Connections: Self-Investment Sessions

Hosted by Lead with Humanity Coaches, these one hour free web events aim to uplift and enlighten individuals, leading in difficult times.  


The process of Coaching is based in the latest advances in Applied Neuroscience, showing that new habits and behaviours are possible as the brain has the capacity to rewire itself. Meet our Coaches.

Location: Flexible

Pilgrims Gold

A powerful experiential learning tool for developing individual and team effectiveness. It is a high energy, highly interactive group learning experience which can be run for almost any size group in 3 - 4 hours.

Location: Flexible

Bespoke Programs

Work with us to design a bespoke immersions and online process based on the Lead With Humanity Ethos for your organisation or team.  

Companies We've Worked With

Lead With Humanity Network

Our network of facilitators and professional coaches have over 200 years of combined leadership experience working with organisations and their employees to effect profound change and growth. 
Lead With Humanity has a 20 year track record of running experiential leadership development and immersions along with International Business School accreditation and MBA to Executive level programs.

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