Leaders with Humanity

Leaders with Humanity is an original podcast series hosted by Lead with Humanity Founder, author and speaker Pete Laburn.  In this podcast, Pete interviews inspiring leaders from across the globe who truly embody what it means to lead with Humanity.

Episode 5: Servant leadership in a digital world


Justin Evertse is the founder and CEO of Live Digital, a successful bespoke digital agency in South Africa (with branches in Dubai, Toronto and soon in the Netherlands). Justin is an experienced entrepreneur and is currently completing his Masters Degree in digital business, focusing on the disruptive nature of AI and its acceleration in the marketing and advertising industry. He leads with great humility and values that embody servant leadership. In this podcast, Justin shares his fundamental principles for running a fully remote organisation, how he nurtures and develops the talent in his team, and his views on AI and the future of work.

Episode 4: Nordic leadership in times of extreme change

Chris Shern is a cultural adventurer. Born in the US and living in the Nordics, his international life has added diversity and alternative thinking to his leadership values – values that align closely with those of Lead with Humanity. The Nordic region embraces a trust-based leadership style that is characterised by a collaborative and sustainable approach. In this podcast, Pete and Chris unpack how this has influenced his life and work in international business development and leadership.

Chris has an entrepreneurial background and extensive experience in the corporate world and in executive education. He is the Managing Director of International Management Education– a Danish non-profit foundation specialising in leadership development.

Episode 3: How collaboration improves leadership, with Louise van Rhyn

Louise van Rhyn has had an exceptional career that has spanned both the corporate and social entrepreneurship space. In recent years, her work on developing leadership development programmes for business and school leaders has become highly respected. And in this podcast, Peter Laburn, the founder of Lead with Humanity, has an in-depth discussion with van Rhyn on the key lessons she’s learned in helping South Africans become better leaders.

Episode 2: Nature-inspired leadership, the Londolozi way

In this special episode of the Leaders with Humanity podcast, Peter Laburn speaks with Dave Varty, who is the co-founder of Londolozi, a world-renowned private game reserve situated within Sabi Sands. It is a pillar of global ecotourism and a proud family-run business for nearly 100 years. Londolozi combines luxury and conservation for an unforgettable African safari experience, personifying the Zulu meaning “protector of all things”. And in this episode, Peter and Dave explore how nature can inspire new ways of authentic leadership in an ever-changing world.

Episode 1: Authentic Leadership Made Practical

Steve Hall is the author of the book, Another Set of Lenses, which explores our perceptions and paradigms and how they shape our own story.  In this podcast, Peter Laburn, has an in-depth discussion with Hall on why it’s important to develop ourselves as leaders in our own lives, and the importance of context