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The journey of life and our role as leaders can be reflected by the nodes, hooks and spikes of the buffalo thorn.

Yhe leaves have 3 veins – representing our relationship with
– Ourselves
– Other people
– Our creator’ – (however delegates wish to interpret this)

The nodes are the moments in time when we make tough decisions.

The hooks challenge us to hold dear to that which is sacrosanct in our lives.

The spikes determine the future course that we set for ourselves.

All are totally dependent on the depth of the roots we sink that determine the essence of who we are and how we will lead. The experiences are a ‘node’ and each delegate will be challenged to explore their own leadership hooks and spikes over the course of the program. Developing leadership potential is an intensely personal journey.


We don’t believe that leadership can be taught … Rather we aim to create situations in which delegates can discover their current leadership impact, rethink their leadership roles and more importantly, identify who they want to be as a leader and how to enhance their leadership potential.

The Lead with Humanity programs are set in a uniquely South African context, where the humanitarian spirit of Africa has historically generated globally influential and authentic leaders, such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi – who lived and led with humanity to become real global leaders, leading people through times of momentous change and creating new circumstances.

Transformational leaders, such as these, learn through their diverse interactions with real people in the cauldron of contemporary society. They go to the heart of today’s challenges and embrace experiences that mirror real life, work and family dynamics where risk, conflict, vulnerability, social pressure, success and failure are everyday realities.


Strategic leadership
Contextual appreciation
Cross cultural understanding
Leading in VUCA world
Complexity theory
Chaos theory + uncertainty
Governance in a VUCA world
Adaptive capacity
Organisational Change
Systems thinking
Transformational thinking
Pressure, change, uncertainty
Creating Human Energy
Meaning and purpose
Self awareness
Leadership authenticity
Life quotients – EQ / SQ
Servant leadership
Leadership risk taking


Maboneng – Gauteng
Soweto – Gauteng
Kwamashu – Kwazulu Natal
Durban City Centre – Kwazulu Natal
Phinda Resource Reserve – Kwazulu Natal
Londolozi Game Reserve – Mpumalanga



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