Coaching is a future focused outcomes-based process, underpinned by the philosophy that people are not broken and do not need fixing. It seeks to facilitate the unlocking of your own unique potential. The structure and form of coaching is to hold a confidential and supportive relationship with the space and accountability to achieve both personal and professional transformation.

The process of Coaching is based in the latest advances in Applied Neuroscience, showing that new habits and behaviours are possible as the brain has the capacity to rewire itself.


The Lead with Humanity Network is privileged to be associated with highly experienced and qualified coaches.

*Lead with Humanity Coaches will match every hour booked with a probono hour to support the community and social leaders that work with us in our immersion programmes. Meet these extraordinary leaders here. Read more about the Lead with Humanity Foundation here.


I partner with my clients to facilitate the changes they choose in their lives, both personally and professionally. Leveraging the Consciousness Coaching Methodology, my coaching takes place in such a way that coachee’s create internal shifts that support immediate and sustainable action and change, whilst experiencing a sense of purpose, fulfillment and energy.

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I work in the Coaching arena of Emotional Regulation (the understanding and management of myself in order to relate more effectively to and in the world) using the latest advances in Applied Neuroscience and Mindfulness.

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I am passionate about creating safe empowering spaces from which to step into possibility and potential with ease. I am motivated by the possibilities that can emerge, when we embrace and harness our diversity and human potential for the greater good.

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Over the past 25 years I have developed a rare capability to facilitate the complex work that people and communities need to do to find ‘self directed renewal and recovery’.

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My coaching approach is based on presence, powerful questioning, and a clear process. I relate easily to what organisations face on a day to day basis and I am therefore able to assist individuals and teams in defining their goals and replace old thinking to make way for new thinking and clear action.

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My humanity is bound up in yours. For we can only be human together.

– Desmond Tutu

Over the years, through our immersive leadership offerings, we have connected with some extraordinary people leading communities through great challenges and adversity. We support these communities through a range of initiatives under the Lead with Humanity Foundation. We believe deeply in the significant value that coaching can offer especially in times of crises. Coaches will match every hour booked with a pro bono hour to support the community leaders that we partner with. *Should you feel compelled to support a particular individual or community, please let us know.



Ma’Refilwe turned an abandoned Johannesburg bowling green into a farm – now she’s using it to feed the city’s homeless and teaching young people how to farm. Always in her garden with a smile on her face, she greets us by saying, “welcome home.” She has won many agriculture competitions and is always thinking and talking about her dreams to expand her work to reach many more people.


Khanyisile Motsa, affectionately known as Mam’ Khanyi run’s Home of Hope, a residential home for vulnerable girl children who have been rescued from prostitution and the trafficking trade. Mam’ Khanyi is driven by a deep purpose that had directed the course of her life. Her mission is to fight against child trafficking and a culture of sexual exploitation and violence that robs children of their future. The home’s core value is to restore human dignity through identifying victims of abuse, rehabilitating survivors and educating these young girls and women towards independent and successful futures.


Blessing Nyoni is a Sunday School teacher with deep passion for her community. She runs an NPO called GOLDCO (dedicated to enhancing Governance, Ownership and Leadership in order to drive Development in the Community of Bhambayi). Blessings work is extensive and critical and, her leadership style is an inspiration to ours.


Our expertise lies in the curation of tailored programmes, so reach out to us to discuss your specific challenges and requirements.