Being a Leader
Individual Leadership Development and Team Coaching

       Do you live your life as a human doing, driven by the external demands of your world? 
Or do you live your life as a human being, with authenticity, humility and conviction?
Connecting to personal purpose is at the core of effective leadership.

This experience is perfect for teams or networks looking to both develop their individual leadership potential and grow as a team.

This virtual summit makes use of intensely facilitated online modules, offline personal exercises, breakout team sessions and a diverse selection of thought-provoking engagements.
Leadership is a purposeful state of being.
With personal purpose comes the confidence to lead.
With confidence, comes resilience.
With resilience comes the ability to deal with constant change, and lead in complex and uncertain territory.
Having attended Lead with Humanity's seven day immersive programme in South Africa, I was skeptical about whether an online programme would yield the same impact.  After my virtual connections session, which I attended from my home-office in the UK, I logged off with the exact same feelings of purpose, passion and motivation pulsing through me, as I had before.
– Virtual Connections Delegate, July 2020

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