Leading With Humanity

This seven-day immersion into a series of different worlds is designed to take delegates outside of their circles of certainty, to discover how to unlock their true potential and to engage with the existential question, who is the leader I am meant to be?

Leading with Humanity is for anyone who:

- Genuinely wants to live a purposeful life, lead with authenticity and positively influence their world.  

Delegates will:

- Be challenged by exposure to a kaleidoscope of urban environments and lifestyles. Through engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and encountering a range of leaders within these environments you will witness first-hand the ravages of society in transition, as well as be caused to reflect on your own leadership style.

- Experience, simultaneously, the harsh realities of the African bush and the peace and abundance of the world as it was created.

- Reflect on personal leadership journeys, debate macro leadership challenges and explore a multitude of practical lessons the natural world affords.

- Understand how to lead out of who you are as apposed to doing leadership things.
- Gain a new perspective on how to grow your influence.

- Connect to a community of like-minded individuals to support you on your journey.
We encourage our delegates to learn through observation, interaction, reflection together with ongoing debate and feedback – our CARE approach – connect, awareness, reflect, explore.

Leading with Humanity is a deeply personal experience that encourages living a life of purpose and authenticity.

Program details

Day 1 - 3: Durban, South Africa

For the first half of the program, delegates will engage with urban and peri-urban settlements and homes, gaining new insights into cultural diversity through experiencing vastly contrasting situations.

By being thrust into the cauldron of society in transition they will also witness the ravages of society without leadership versus the dynamic potential of those with effective leadership.

Day 4 - 7: Phinda Resource Reserve

The second half of the program takes place at  Phinda Resource Reserve.  Phinda – Zulu for ‘the return’ - is a unique example of the delicate balance between the environment, society in transition and commercial imperatives.

An ideal environment for delegates to reflect on their own personal leadership journey whilst debating macro leadership challenges and exploring the many micro leadership lessons the African bush affords.


Delegates largely spend the week’s journey in unusual or foreign situations / circumstances. For many this may appear unsafe. Every precaution is taken to ensure delegates’ safety (although much of the backup is unseen).

Before each activity, delegates are fully briefed on what to do. In the urban and rural environments, trusted local guides and routes are used. When walking in the bush, fully trained game rangers accompany delegates.
"The best kept secret in leadership development in South Africa." 
"One of the most beneficial life experiences I have been through! The insights into myself, our country and the world of leadership will shape the way in which I approach life and relationships forever." 
"This is a truly unique leadership program. A precious gift and life-changing experience.” "So refreshingly different - pushed my boundaries" 

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