The Healthy Brain of a Leader

What is the bio-chemistry of the organisation, community or family that you are influencing?  Is it flooded with cortisol and fear or pumping with dopamine, trust and motivation?

We now know that we can directly influence this chemistry, by managing our own.’

– Dr Tara Swart

Our brain and body function as one sophisticated and integrative system – a dynamic that should stay in balance to maintain a thriving state of optimal performance.

In this fascinating webinar, The Healthy Brain of a Leader, Sarah and Lindsay share a brief look at the cutting-edge science behind the brain and body performance in relation to leadership. It is an holistic, yet scientific, take on wellness which shares insights on brain health, the mind-gut connection, nutrition, mental wellbeing and provides everyday tools to manage your own wellness.

Both Lindsay and Sarah are respected experts in their field who provide people with the right tools and guidance to achieve abundance and holistic wellness in their personal and professional lives.


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