Lead with Humanity Coaching Reflections September 2017

It is sometimes so difficult to put an experience into words and then do that experience the full justice it deserves. I think our week together was one of those experiences.

Coaching is very much part of the thinking of how and what makes any system ‘work’, and the energy that generates that system to maintain itself (or in fact not).When a successful system (or team) is operating, we know this because the energy generated within the team/system is greater than the energy outside of it. Well – absolutely no doubt that this is what happened. And we multiplied it, Steve. If we could have captured the energy of Team Meerkat and Laskas and bottled it, I do think we could have powered up Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, UK, Gibraltar and this southern tip of Africa!

In my relatively short time of being involved with Lead With Humanity, I am always fascinated by how this incredible experience ‘rolls out’ and leaves us each as very different people at the end of the week. We are so immersed in the process as it happens, that there is little time to gather ourselves and attempt to be mindful of the process while we are in it. I think that the full value of the experience, in its entirety, is only apparent when we ‘return’ to our worlds and manage a quiet reflective time on our own. I have no doubt that this is where we each are now – joining dots, noticing thoughts and emotions (and deciding what to do with the new synapses), and hopefully more in touch with our own inner humanity and the humanity of the world at large. If we can all bring even a small amount of new found compassion and awareness to the world around us, and our roles as Leaders – wow!

And a thought going forward (not a bombastic one!) – why were there such high doses of oxytocin flowing through our bodies, resulting in such amazingly strong bonds and feelings of connection in such a short time? Could it be that there were no agendas and no judgement but that we all stepped forward to appreciate one another at face value – simply humanity to humanity. And how powerful to try to do this more often when we are no longer at Phinda or Kwa Mashu? Can we approach our lives in this same spirit of open curiosity without assumptions and agendas? I am so excited by the possibility of what could happen – certainly worth a try in a world that really needs more of this.

As a South African, it is so heart-warming, to have friends arrive from elsewhere and express such passionate enjoyment of our country. You will need to return!

So get that bum on a cushion and rewire that brain. Keep dopamine flowing with meaning and purpose, and until we meet again – much love to an incredible bunch of people. And to each of you – you have undoubtedly left an impact on who I am, and how I may see the world a little differently – thank you.

Lindsay Braithwaite