We are proud of our growing library of books, published by members of the Lead with Humanity Network.

Leading with Humanity by Pete Laburn

Leading with Humanity is an invitation to take the first steps on the inside-out journey of understanding what it is to become and be a leader – discovering who we are meant to be in a world obsessed with what we do. Drawing from great thinkers and leaders through the centuries – and decades of personal leadership experience – Leading with Humanity combines time-tested philosophical notions with proven research principles into an authentic guide for anyone striving to be a better human being, and thus a better leader, in business and life.

About the author:
Pete is a catalyst for positive and enduring change.  For the past 30 years he has worked with organisations and leaders to assist them to understand their purpose, see possibilities, craft bold, forward-thinking strategies and enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Another Set of Lenses by Steve Hall

Stories surround us everywhere and the heroes and heroines of those stories are right with us in every walk of life. If we choose to look for them they will appear, yet it takes a different kind of looking. If we look at a familiar world with new eyes, we will see these extraordinary people and the lessons they quietly teach us in their everyday living. When we see through the eyes of the other and find some balance in the view through these differing lenses, we gain clarity and understanding. Is there any better way to build a world together?

About the author:
Steve's fascination with people, and what makes human beings behave the way they do, has led to his facilitation of leadership programmes around the world – from China, Australia and in the USA. His passion is to understand 'human energy' and how it has the possibility to fuel exceptional performance at the individual and team level.

If You Don't Do Politics, Politics Will Do You... by Niven Postma

Drawing on her own experiences as an executive, together with insights from some of the leading business thinkers of our time, in this personal, practical and frank book, Niven Postma will show you it is possible to play politics without sacrificing your principles and teach you how to use politics to advance your career, benefit your team and build the organisation you are part of.

About the author:
Niven Postma works at a senior and executive level in business, civil society and the public sector. Her career has seen her constantly move between strategy development and execution, working with diverse people, in diverse contexts, to pioneer strategies and deliver results. She consistently does so in a way that builds strong and effective teams; teams that in turn, successfully build the reputation and capacity of departments and organisations.

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