Leading from the Head, Heart and Gut: Self-Investment Webinar


Traditional wisdom has suggested that we have one brain. But neuroscience conclusively demonstrates that we actually have three brains: the head brain, the heart brain and the gut brain. The head brain is the mother ship, our data storage centre where information and memories are stored. It comes into play when we need to think logically and make sense of the world we experience. Everything we know and learn about the world is rationalised through the head brain. The language of the head brain is ‘I think, I understand, I conclude’.

In a world that reveres logic and rationality, the other two brains have, for many years, not been fully understood or simply ignored. Recent studies are revealing the great power of those in influencing our behaviour and decision-making.

Accessing all three of our brains is now proven to be important to our mental health and well-being and will help us to be more effective in dealing with the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world we live in.

Lead with Humanity Associate, Lindsay Braithwaite, explains how, using applied neuroscience, we can lead more effectively when we access all three of our brains.