Our leadership network of facilitators and professional coaches have over 200 years of collective experience in strategic facilitation, leadership development, executive coaching and applied neuroscience.

Lead With Humanity has delivered over 100 immersions for International Business Schools and global organisations


Coaching is built into the Lead With Humanity experiences to support each delegate to deepen their journey of self-discovery. During the experience, many possibilities will open up, personally and / or professionally.

Coaching will create an opportunity to nurture these seeds, creating clarity to them, enable their growth, weeding out what may interfere with the process and ensure its sustainability. A coach will be assigned to each syndicate. They will be present during part of both immersion experiences and conduct one on one sessions between and after the two immersions. Ongoing coaching will be available if requested.


Pete is a catalyst for positive and enduring change. For the past 30 years he has worked with organisations and leaders to assist them to understand their purpose, see possibilities, craft bold, forward-thinking strategies and enhance their leadership effectiveness.


Steve’s fascination with people, and what makes human beings behave the way they do, has led to his facilitation of leadership programmes around the world – from China, Australia and in the USA. His passion is to understand ‘human energy’ and how it has the possibility to fuel exceptional performance at the individual and team level.


Sue is passionate about life, personal fulfillment and being a catalyst for a world where people embrace who they are, what they do and the life they live, and as such show up powerfully, no matter their circumstance, title or experience.Over the past 25 years, she has journeyed with individuals and teams from a diverse client base, locally and internationally, and from a variety of industries, genders and generations, and engages in both individual and group scenarios. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Marketing, Sue is also an Internationally Accredited Professional and Consciousness Coach and Trainer, designing and delivering tailored and licensed interventions that create flow in and through people, individually and collectively in both personal and professional capacities.


Lindsay is a specialist in people development, having worked for 30 years as a facilitator, and more recently in the past 12 years, as a Life and Business coach. She started a successful skills training partnership working with small and large corporates, to develop their people capacity. Her focus is on emotional intelligence (EQ) and Coaching, using the latest advancements in Applied Neuroscience. She uses the practice of Mindfulness in all areas of her work.


Jeff (aka Sthombesejongosi) is a social anthropologist, deeply committed to the improvement of intercultural understanding amongst people of diverse backgrounds. Jeff’s exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills give him unique access and insight to the emerging second market economies within societies in transition.


James is a warm, grounded individual with a passion and energy to serve others. He has over 20 years of leadership experience, working within teams to assist them in creating the best out of the individual and the collective.

He believes that when we rediscover our purpose, live with awareness, and take action towards our goals and dreams, we enter new and exciting spaces.


As a an accredited coach and facilitator, Rosie is passionate about creating safe empowering spaces from which to step into possibility and potential with ease. Be it in groups, one-on-one, community, or any other setting; meaningful, engaged, humane and purposeful connections are the foundation of her work. She is motivated by the possibilities that can emerge, when we embrace and harness our diversity and human potential for the greater good.


James is an accredited coach and vastly experienced facilitator, who over the past 25years has developed a rare capability to facilitate the complex work that people and communities need to do to find ‘self directed renewal and recovery’. A modern South African, whose multi language ability gives him unique ability to facilitate transformational processes, diversity programs and personal development.


Mick, or ‘Umbuyazi’, brings a unique perspective to leadership development. He uses an eclectic mix of African metaphors and bush law, together with local and international models to challenge individuals to find inner meaning, or their leadership ‘roots’ and unlock their leadership potential or ‘fruits’.


Kathy Harris is an independent Strategy and Leadership development consultant
with over 30 years of experience in the business sector where she has held various executive positions and has served on a number of Boards. Kathy has extensive experience in sales and marketing, business strategy development and implementation, leadership development, strategic negotiations and relationship management as well as general and executive management.


Niven Postma works at a senior and executive level in business, civil society and the public sector. Her career has seen her constantly move between strategy development and execution, working with diverse people, in diverse contexts, to pioneer strategies and deliver results. She consistently does so in a way that builds strong and effective teams; teams that in turn, successfully build the reputation and capacity of departments and organisations.


Frank has a track record of strategic leadership in leading listed companies of over 40 years which has taught him to strive for sustainable people-driven solutions instead of quick fixes. He is passionate about reading, sport, nature and sharing his insights about strategy and leadership.


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