Track Your Life

An African Retreat with Boyd Varty
Somewhere in the African bushveld, just before dawn, a small group of people sit in silence as the last stars fade. They carry no cellphones and wear no watches. They are still, listening for the clues that will tell them where to begin the day’s animal tracking. 
When the signal comes – the roar of a lion, the alarm call of a nyala – they stir, and as a group they move forward to cut the track. They are on the trail, where the challenge and the adventure begins. They rely on each other absolutely and their shared endeavour gives rise to that rarest thing in the modern world: a true sense of companionship.
This is your call to adventure: join them.

A Message from Boyd

For a long time I have been passionate about creating a retreat that combines wilderness adventure and personal development. The Track Your Life retreat is unlike anything else in the world. Working with two of my closest friends, Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo, who are also among the world’s best trackers, we will combine on-foot tracking of lion, leopard and rhino in pristine wilderness with intense personal coaching. 
As trackers, we go where the tracks take us, to places most people will never go. As you track your way into hidden parts of the country and learn about unexpected aspects of animal behavior, you’ll notice that something is starting to shift in you. You will start to discover you are part of this wild story.
I believe in experiential learning environments. We will be having an adventure together, a shared endeavor in the wild. And that, even before the coaching begins, will prompt the beginnings of your transformation and you will begin to feel a new aliveness as you track these magnificent creatures. I believe that tracking animals in the wild is one of the best ways for people to create profound personal transformation and access a new vision for their lives. 
This retreat is designed to meet needs that are going unmet in the modern world: the need for visioning, charting a course, and immersion in wild places. You will discover that tracking your life’s purpose is very much like tracking a lion.

Retreat Highlights

An intimate group of no more than six people. 
Access to world-class trackers and coaching in one of the best tracking venues on the planet.
A unique adventure among a select group of delegates, that will be transformative and fun. 
Daily on-foot tracking experiences of lions, leopards, elephant and rhino.
Game drives with sightings of exceptional wildlife, including lions, cheetahs, hippos, leopards, zebra, giraffe and rhino.
World-class accommodation and gourmet meals.
Personalized support coaching. 

You Will Gain

A new perspective on how to live your life.
Effective strategies for your life and livelihood.
A new model of power through presence.
A pinnacle life experience, your own Hero’s Journey.
A community of like-minded individuals to support you on that journey.
The ability to create your own narrative, which allows you to shape
and create new experiences in your life.

Program details

Londolozi Game Reserve

The Track Your Life retreat takes place at the world renowned Londolozi Game Reserve.

The word londolozi comes from the Zulu word and means ‘protector of all living things’. The name reflects the ambitious conservation ethic in their relationship with the natural world.

The reserve has been lauded internationally for its far-sighted and progressive land and wildlife management, as well as its productive community involvement.

Daily Routine

The goal of this routine is to drop you into a more natural and wild way of being. It is our goal to each day go out and meet what the wilderness presents us with, with presence. As a result we have a rough outline of what a day might look like, but in truth, we go where the tracks take us.

Roughly, we can tell you that you will be out well before the dawn breaks each morning, while the stars are still out, for a meditation and tune-in. Then, with first light we will get onto tracks and begin the process of dropping you into the experience of tracking. We usually return to camp in the late morning for breakfast, rest and integration. And then we’re out again from about 2:00pm until nightfall.

Its also important that you should know that one night we will sleep out under the stars, on the ground with no tents. In my experience, this is truly spiritual.

Day 1: Connecting with the Inner Landscape

1:00pm | Lunch on arrival at Londolozi Varty Camp. Taste the world-class cuisine on the deck and get to know your fellow participants and facilitators.
2:00pm | Tracking presentation: an introduction to tracking by Alex Van Den Heever.
3:30pm | Orientation and afternoon game drive Get settled and then get into the land rover and out into the wilderness!
7:00pm | Dinner and briefing for Day 2.

Day 2: Presence and Process

6:00am | Dawn departure for tracking demonstration. You will be introduced to the art of trailing a rhino or lion. As trackers you will begin to sense the connection between tracking and a way of living.
10:00am | Breakfast, group coaching and debrief from the morning drive.
12-3pm | Lunch, rest and private coaching sessions.
3:00pm | Afternoon tracking session and evening game drive.
6:00pm | Dinner, camp re storytelling.

Day 3: Visioning

6:00am | Dawn departure for lion tracking. Day three is all about tracking one of the many prides of lions at Londolozi. Participants will begin to lead the trailing, supported by Boyd, Alex and Renias.
11:30am | Debrief in the bush. After debrie ng from the tracking we will drive home to camp for brunch and private coaching sessions.
3:30pm | Track and sign lesson. We will return to the bush for a lesson in learning to notice and all that this means for our lives.
6:00pm | Dinner around the campfire.

Day 4: Putting Your Skills Into Practice

6:00am | Depart for big game trailing session.
10:00am | Breakfast and leopard tracking demonstration from Alex and Renias. A lesson in reading the signs. Coming to an awareness of the energy state you are generating; reading animal body language and learning to read energy.
12-3pm | Lunch and private coaching sessions.
3:00pm | Rhino tracking.
6:00pm | Dinner under the stars.

Day 5: Integration

6:00am | Morning game drive.
09:30am | Breakfast
10:00am | Closing discussion and departure.


Delegates largely spend the five-day journey in unusual or foreign situations / circumstances. Every precaution is taken to ensure delegates' safety (although much of the backup is unseen).

Before each game drive and tracking activity, delegates are fully briefed on what to do.

2020 Rates

From ZAR 135 000 (USD 7350) per person sharing
  • Rate Includes
  • Coaching and a myriad of other activities led by Boyd Varty and master trackers Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo.
  • Luxurious accommodations at Londolozi’s Pioneer Camp or Varty Camp for 5 days/4 nights.
  • Three meals a day of world-class cuisine plus beverages (including house wines, local brand spirits and beers).
  • 6-7 hours of daily tracking and coaching sessions.
  • An experience of the wilderness truly unlike any other, with the best trackers on the planet.
  • Rates include return flights from Johannesburg or Cape Town International Airports to Londolozi
  • Lead With Humanity is a Level 4 BEE Supplier.

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